Sunday, 22 September 2013

More not nearly enough pictures of Avon

These pictures come from Time Squad, which is the third episode of Blakes 7 to have Avon in it.

Here Avon is framed in the middle of the picture, with Vila in the foreground and Blake in the background. Notice how Blake looks at Avon - while that could be because it is Avon that is speaking just now, it could also be that Blake is admiring how handsome Avon is.

Their doomed, tragic, star-crossed romance continues apace.

Avon being handsome. What more needs to be said? Purr.

Here Avon makes a funny face because the teleport is broken.

This is a picture of me enjoying that scene back in 2010. I still enjoy it now because it has Avon in it.

Here Avon has just saved Blake and Jenna. He is looking at his hands, perhaps he is thinking of using them to give Blake a hug?

And this is the shot from the end of the episode. While Avon and Blake are not gazing into each other's eyes this time (good as that always is, it may be that some variety is better), Blake is looking at Avon. Meanwhile, Avon is busy trying to take up as much of the screen as possible, which is another thing that is always a good thing.

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