Sunday, 20 October 2013

In space no one can hear you smile

I have already reviewed Mission to Destiny, but in those days I was a much younger cat and I was not so good at posting pictures on my Big Gay Longblog (which wasn't as Big or Long back then, but it was just as Gay). Here are some of the best moments in Mission to Destiny, and more not nearly enough pictures of Avon.

Coming between the Blake and Travis heavy episodes of Seek-Locate-Destroy and Duel, Mission to Destiny is one of the best stories in season one for having lots of scenes with Avon in them.

I think this is the episode where Paul Darrow makes his first concerted effort to steal the show from Gareth Thomas. Or maybe he knew that he could steal the show whenever he wanted to, and just wanted to show off a bit.

Avon has a rare moment of derp.

Avon spends most of the episode working with Cally instead of Blake. I think you can see in his face that he would rather be with Blake.

"My people have a saying: A man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken."
"Life expectancy must be fairly short among your people." 

When Avon figures something out or has an idea or a plan, he smiles. These make for the best bits of the story.


Action Avon! This is from the end of the episode when Avon punches the baddy in the face. Action Avon is almost as good as Smiling Avon. Both are, of course, great.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Avon-Blake-Travis: The Love Triangle of Season One

Seek-Locate-Destroy is episode 6 of Blakes 7, and it introduces the characters of Travis and Servalan. But first it's time for some more not nearly enough pictures of Avon.

Here Avon is wearing a coat and working with computers, as Blake looks on admiringly with his gun out.

This picture is from the scene where Blake realises they have left Cally behind on the planet. He is worried about her and wants to go back. Avon is harsh with Blake and says
"If you turn this ship round, you will kill all of us."
But you can see in his eyes that he is worried too.

Avon takes off his coat to show off his new fabulous costume. Also he is back on the Liberator so doesn't need to wear his coat any more.

Who could possibly try to come between these two?

Enter Travis.

Space Commander Travis, played by Stephen Grief in season one, is obsessed with Blake.

Here he is looking through his collection of pictures of Blake, a bit like I sometimes do with my collection of pictures of Paul Darrow.

Travis tells Supreme Commander Servalan the story of how he once caught Blake but got shot by him and lost his arm and part of his face which is why he has to wear an eyepatch.

Cleverly, at the same time as Travis tells the story to Servalan, Blake is also telling the same story - from his point of view - to his friends on the Liberator.

Servalan sets Travis to catch Blake, which is what he wants to do more than anything else.

Then at the end of the episode Blake defeats Travis and tells him
"You don't matter enough to kill, Travis."
Leaving Travis behind to swear revenge on Blake.

"I'll find you. You can't hide from me. I am your death."

(He's talking to Blake even though Blake isn't there any more. I think Travis may be a bit nutty.)

So can poor, lovesick Travis really take Blake away from his best friend Avon?

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How many lives does a cat have?


By a curious coincidence, Nine is also the number of Missing Episodes of Doctor Who that have been found this week and so are no longer "Missing Episodes" but instead just "Episodes", episodes that we can watch on DVD soon!

Five of the nine episodes are from The Enemy of the World, and because part three is already on DVD (I have seen it as part of the Lost in Time set) that means the whole story is now found.

The Enemy of the World has Patrick Troughton in it as the Doctor, and he also plays the baddy Salamander (who isn't actually a salamander).

Salamander's henchmanny is played by Milton Johns, who was Guy Crayford in The Android Invasion with an eyepatch.

Scary Cat is really looking forward to the other found episodes, which come from The Web of Fear - a story which now has five of its six episodes instead of only part one. Scary Cat likes The Web of Fear because it has the Yetis in it.

Yetis are big and scary monsters and not cute and cuddly at all, just like Scary Cat...

LOL, they're cute and cuddly really!