Sunday, 27 April 2014


In Killer, Avon has a friend.

"I always knew you had a friend. I used to say to people, 'I bet Avon's got a friend...somewhere in the galaxy.'"
"And you were right. That must be a novel experience for you."

Avon's friend Tynus is played by Ronald Lacey, better known as the Evil Nazi from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know the one I mean. This one:

"You saved my life Dr Jones. I had to come back... to TANK you!"

Killer is also notable for the costumes, which jump several space-sharks even by Blakes 7 standards.

Vila discovers the signs of Tynus's inevitable betrayal of them, showing the cunning that he carefully conceals most of the time (when the writers remember) and also demonstrating what a good partner he makes for Avon because they are clever in different ways that complement each other.

"You saved my life Dr Jones. I had to come back... to TANK you!"

If you didn't get that reference the first time then I suppose it's going to make even less sense now.

Things are looking bad for Avon, but he manages to turn the tables on Tynus and Tynus gets electriced.

With Tynus dead it's back to the Liberator to find out what Blake, Jenna and Cally have been up to in the other plot strand this week.

This is the only scene with both Blake and Avon in it in the whole episode, because they were having two separate adventures on the same planet at the same time.

"You did what?"

Killer is an interesting episode structurally, but it isn't particularly good and is one of the weaker episodes of season 2. It was written by Robert Holmes, who also wrote some of the best Doctor Who stories, and though he writes well for Avon and Vila (and, while this is his first Blakes 7 story, we see this again in other episodes written by him), he doesn't seem to know how to write for the other characters, with the result that their plot is not as strong as it maybe could have been.

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