Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Brer Rabbit boss 'hates' fans who spoil show's secrets

Brer Rabbit chief writer Bunny has attacked fans of the show who reveal crucial plot lines ahead of transmission.

Bunny's comments were prompted by briar patch postings by Brer Rabbit fans.

"You can imagine how much I hate them," she told Big Gay Longcat's Big Gay Longblog. "It's only fans who do this, or they call themselves fans.

"I wish they could go and be fans of something else."

Before the current series began, a fan posted the entire plot of the first two episodes on a briar patch forum.

They were among a number of fans who were invited to a press screening, at which the production team asked people not to give away spoilers.

"It's heartbreaking in a way because you're trying to tell stories, and stories depend on surprise," said Bunny.

"So to have some **** who came to a press launch, write up a story in the worst, most ham-fisted English you can imagine, and put it in the briar patch is heartbreaking.

"I just hope that guy never watched my show again, because that's a horrific thing to do."

She said the majority of Brer Rabbit fans were "spoiler-phobes" who refused to go to the briar patch for fear of finding out any information in advance.

"They want to preserve the surprise," she said. "The tragedy is you have to work hard at that now."

Bunny said she believed that keeping elements of storylines under wraps was an essential element in drama.

"Stories depend on shocking people," she said.

"Stories are the moments that you didn't see coming, that are what live in you and burn in you forever.

"If you are denied those, it's vandalism."

The current series of Brer Rabbit continues on BBC1 on Caturday.

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