Tuesday, 19 January 2010

...and the Silurians

Woo-oo, it's me again.

I have been watching Doctor Who and the Silurians. It has Paul Darrow in it!

Look, this is him as Captain Hawkins.

Captain Hawkins is now my favourite character in all of Doctor Who. He was brave and got killed by a Silurian, which is a kind of cave monster with a laser head. He worked for the Brigadier who is also a brave manny. The Brigadier doesn't die and is in lots of other Doctor Who stories like the Invasion and Dalek's Master Plan (actually that's another character called Bret Vyon who does get killed, but played by the same manny so I got confused). Of course the Doctor and Liz were the clever ones and they beat the Silurians in the end. It was a long story but very good, I think it may be my favourite now.

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