Thursday, 7 January 2010

It is cold outside but I am on the internets!

Hello, it's me again! I'm back!

I have been watching some Doctor Who. First I saw David Tennant who was Hamlet turning into a new manny, so now I know why there are lots of Doctor Whos - he regenerates when he dies into a new body that looks different and acts a bit different but is really the same.

Does that mean Travis from Blakes 7 is like the Doctor?

Then I saw an old Doctor Who story called Planet of the Daleks by Terry Nation. It was very good, I think it is my favourite Doctor Who I have seen. It was exciting and I never knew what was going to happen next and the Daleks were baddys and they were on a planet and they could turn invisible and there were other invisible aliens who wore cloaks so they could be seen and there were Thals who were goodys along with Jo and the Doctor (who wasn't David Tennant, he was Jon Pertwee) and they beat the Daleks by being clever and brave.

Now I am even more excited because I have seen the first part of a series called The Legend of Robin Hood. It has Paul Darrow in it! I don't know if he is a goody or a baddy because he has not been in it a lot yet. He is playing a character called Sheriff of Nottingham.

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