Thursday, 25 February 2010

Big Gay Longcat reviews Blakes 7: Mission to Destiny

There's been a murder. In space. A space murder. It's up to Blake and Cally and Avon to solve it.

This is one of the most Avon-y episodes of season 1 of Blakes 7, so I thought it would be a good one to be the subject of my first review. It was written by Terry Nation who did all of this series of Blakes 7 and it comes in the middle of the season.

It starts when they find a spaceship full of sleepy mannys and a dead manny and the first clue is a number 54124. The mannys all have space names like Mandrian and Dortmunn, which is a good Terry Nation name like in Doctor Who and the Dalek Invasion of Earth. Except Sara is not a space name.

Because their spaceship is broken Blake says he will take their McGuffin to their planet, which is called Destiny, and he leaves Cally and Avon behind. Avon stays because he doesn't like an unsolved mystery, so he becomes Detective Avon and begins investigating.

I wish I was a Cat Detective like Purro or Catfael, but I am not very good at finding out who the baddy is. I thought maybe Mandrian is the baddy. Or maybe it is Sonheim. But Avon is clever and he discovers it is [SPOILER] when he works out what 54124 means.

Blake and Jenna and Vila and Gan are flying in the Liberator until they realise they don't have the McGuffin after all, it has been stolen, so they have to fly all the way back to the spaceship. There is not much about them, which is good because they are away from Avon.

My best bit is when Avon has a plan to catch the baddy who has locked herself away so they can't get her. It is my best bit because Avon smiles the smile he only smiles when he has a plan. It is the smile of a happy manny and it makes me a happy cat.

The Liberator gets back to the spaceship before the baddy's friends can come and save her. Avon has saved the day, and Blake blows the baddys up.
Vila gets the last line. He is a silly manny.

I like Vila really, but Avon is my favourite!

This is a great episode with lots of Avon action in it. He is clever and he saves the day. I didn't guess who the baddy was, but I'm only a cat and not clever like Avon. I hope I have not given away too much in this review, I don't want to spoil Terry Nation's very clever story.

Not every Blakes 7 episode is as good as this one, and only a few are better. I don't know if I will review a not as good episode or a better episode next time, but I will do more reviews of Blakes 7 soon! Until then it is time for sleeps for me. Bye bye. Zzzzz

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