Saturday, 13 March 2010

Big Gay Longcat reviews Blakes 7: Star One

Aliens are going to take over the galaxy. It's up to Blake and Cally and Avon to save it.

Star One is the last story of season 2. It was written by Chris Boucher and it is Duncan's favourite episode of Blakes 7.

It starts with spaceships crashing because of computers going wrong. Supreme Commander Servalan wants to know why it is happening and is told the computer "Star One" is to blame. But the Federation cannot fix it because nobody knows where Star One is.

Blake knows where Star One is - he found out in the last episode before this one after he had been looking for it since Countdown - and he is taking the Liberator there to destroy it. This is clever because it shows the only mannys who could fix Star One are mannys that don't want to.

Avon realises Star One is the nearest planet in their galaxy to the Andromeda galaxy and there is a minefield between them. Blake doesn't know if it is to keep mannys in or to keep aliens out. Avon, Blake and Cally teleport down to the planet.

There are mannys on Star One but most of them are really aliens. The aliens are baddys. Blake and Cally get captured by them but Cally warns Avon so he doesn't. Blake pretends to be the manny the aliens are expecting - he realises it is Travis when the alien questions him about his fake hand and eye. Having fooled the aliens, Blake and Cally start putting bombs in Star One.

Avon captures Travis, but he gets away when Avon is attacked by Lurena, the last real manny on Star One. Avon finds out about the aliens. He kills one and it turns into green slime. This is very scary because we don't know what the aliens really look like, but it seems horrible.

Blake gets shot by Travis, but he's not dead. It looks like Travis and the aliens are going to win because the alien invasion fleet of spaceships is on its way and Travis starts to turn off the minefield that is the only thing stopping them.
Oh noes!

Blake shoots Travis and the aliens. Avon then shoots Travis again and kills him. But some of the minefield has been turned off by Travis and that means the aliens can get through, so Blake realises they can't blow up Star One after all. Avon and Cally get rid of most of the bombs, but the last one blows up Lurena and the rest of the aliens on Star One.

Back on the Liberator, Blake is injured so Avon is now in charge. They warn the Federation about the aliens, even though the Federation have been the baddys up until now, they are still mannys and not aliens so now they are on the same side. Until the Federation spaceships can help them, they go to fight the aliens by themselves.

Avon thinks Blake doesn't trust him. Blake tells Avon he has always trusted him "from the very beginning" so they make up and are friends again. Now the Liberator is about to fight with the aliens. It is very tense and the lighting is down low. Then Avon says "Fire!"

That is the end of the episode!

It is an amazing ending for the episode and the season, because we don't know what will happen next. Will the Liberator win the fight? That is for another story to tell. This story is only about how they were brave in not blowing up Star One after all, then teaming up with the Federation and going to fight the aliens by themselves.

This is not my favourite episode, but it is very good and has clever bits and builds up and up to the ending. It is also the last episode with Blake and Jenna in it, so it is special for that reason too. Today is a good Caturday for me because I have seen such a good episode of Blakes 7. But now it is over and it is time for sleeps. Bye bye. Zzzzz

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