Sunday, 21 March 2010

Big Gay Longcat reviews Blakes 7: Aftermath

Avon is marooned on a planet with Dayna and Servalan. It’s up to him to get off with them.

The fabulous season 3 begins with Aftermath, by Terry Nation. Blake and Jenna have left the series, so this episode introduces two new characters to replace them, as well as thrusting forward Avon as the main character from now on.

It starts with the space battle that was about to begin at the end of season 2’s Star One. Star One is destroyed (Servalan calls it “space debris”) and the Liberator is badly damaged. Vila and Cally put unconscious Avon with Orac into an escape pod.

On a planet, mannys with horses want to kill strangers who come from space. They kill two Federation soldiers. When Avon is on the planet he meets the hostile mannys but is saved by Dayna. She takes him home and kiffs him better.

Servalan is also on the planet. She finds Avon. Avon says:
“It has a perverse kind of logic to it. Our meeting is the most unlikely happening I could imagine. Therefore we meet. Surprise seems inappropriate somehow.”

Avon, Servalan and Dayna all run away from the mannys to Dayna’s base under the sea. The base is very fabulous with its lights that are green and purple and white.

Avon meets Hal Mellanby and Lauren, Dayna’s daddy and adopted sister. Servalan and Dayna are polite to each other in what they say to each other, but very catty underneath in the way they are saying it. Mew. Servalan is cleverer and finds out about Dayna and her daddy.

The key scene of the episode is when Servalan tries to seduce Avon. They kiff, but then Avon rejects her.
“Imagination my only limit? I’d be dead in a week.”
There are lots of kiffs in season 3 of Blakes 7, mostly Avon or Servalan or Avon and Servalan, and this is where it starts. They are enemies but they still kiff each other. Avon also kissed Dayna earlier (and he liked it more than he liked kiffing Servalan), and he kiffs Cally in another episode, but we never see him kiff Tarrant or Blake, even though they are his best friends. I don’t understand.
It is very camp though.

Hal catches Servalan trying to steal Orac. She remembers he was a rebel, then she kills him and escapes. Avon and Dayna go after Servalan and find out Lauren has been killed by the native mannys. Poor Dayna has only got Avon left now.

Servalan gets caught by the natives and Avon has to rescue her because she knows where Orac is. Dayna is about to shoot Servalan when Avon and Dayna and Orac get teleported up to the Liberator. There is a many there who asks them “What are you doing on my ship?”

It’s Tarrant! Avon meets Tarrant and that is the end of the episode! It is a cliffhanger because they don’t know who Tarrant is and are not friends yet. This is a brilliant ending and makes me want to see the next episode straight away to find out what happens. I am left feeling a happy and excited cat.

This is a great story, with lots of action and kiffing and sad bits as well. It is Dayna’s best episode and it has lots of Avon as well. The best season of Blakes 7 starts here.

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