Sunday, 28 March 2010

Big Gay Longcat reviews Blakes 7: Headhunter

There's a robot monster on the loose and it wants to do naughty things with Orac. It's up to Avon and his friends to stop it.

Headhunter, by Roger Parkes, is an episode from near the middle of season 4. This is probably my least favourite season overall, but it still has some good bits along the way.

It starts with Scorpio! Tarrant and Vila are on a mission to rescue Muller. Avon is back at base with Mrs. Muller and Orac.

Avon smiles when he thinks of something rude.

Cocky Tarrant teleports down and rescues Muller and a box. Muller goes crazy at the box and attacks Tarrant until Vila boshes him dead. Vila wants to know what's in the box, but then Scorpio! begins to go wrong and Slave rebels.

Orac and Avon quarantine Scorpio! but it goes even more wrong. Orac still wants to leave Tarrant and Vila in space but Avon doesn't want to leave his friends behind. He says "Oh you'll have to do better than that Orac, if you want me to kill them."
Orac begins talking very strangely. "There is nothing very original about domination, as you will discover." He is a funny box.

They rescue Tarrant and Vila. Orac warns Soolin about an intruder, she follows his good advice and hides him in a cupboard. Muller is not as dead as they thought, he escapes onto the base and kills Mrs. Muller, then he destroys Tarrant and Avon's guns somehow.

Avon's hair gets messed up too.

This is a very exciting bit because there is a mystery about what is going on, and everyone has something to do in trying to solve it. Avon and Vila try to open the mysterious box, while Tarrant and Dayna try to blow Muller up with a bomb. He gets up without a head - he is now a scary monster!

Vila opens the box and they find a robot head. Now the mystery is solved - it's a robot monster that was wearing Muller's head as a disguise. The robot wants to have robot sex with Orac, even though he is just a box. They all run away from the robot.

Avon has a plan.

They set a trap for the robot. It is powerful but there are things it can't do and Avon works out how to use the robot's weaknesses against it, clever Avon. Everyone has a part in Avon's plan, and Orac is the bait for the trap. They all work together and ZAP! the robot.

Avon puts the robot head on the robot body to stop it being a monster but he gets zapped himself. Dayna blows the robot up while it is helpless. Avon wanted to keep it and he ends up being angry. Poor Avon.

This is a great episode with a mystery to begin with (sorry if I have given it away for anyone, but it is still worth watching to see Avon being handsome and clever) and then an exciting ending with a scary robot monster. It is one of my favourites from season 4, but not my best of all.

That is the end of my review of Headhunter, I hope you liked it. I am going to go and have sleeps now. Bye bye. Zzzzz

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