Monday, 12 April 2010

What is an Election and is it as rude as it sounds?

I have heard that the mannys are going to have an Election soon. I didn't know what an Election is but I thought it sounded rude so I investigated. It is when all the mannys give a kiff to the manny they like the best and the one with the most kiffs gets to be a Member of Parliament for 5 years.

I asked if I could join in and give a kiff to the manny I like the best, but I was told no, you have to be 18 years old to join in and I am not even 2 years old yet. Also I am a cat made from socks.

I was a bit disappointed by this but then I asked if I could take part by seeing if I could get more kiffs than anyone else to become a Member of Parliament, as it is a job where you get money but you don't have to do anything* so it sounds like a good job for a cat. I was told no again. Mew.

* "Being an MP is a vast, subsidised ego trip. It's a job that needs no qualifications, that has no compulsory hours of work, no performance standards, and provides a warm room, a telephone and subsidised meals to a bunch of self-important windbags and busy-bodies who suddenly find people taking them seriously because they've got the letters MP after their names."
-- Yes Prime Minister, by Jonathan Lynn & Antony Jay

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