Thursday, 13 May 2010

Big Gay Longcat reviews Blakes 7: Rumours of Death

Avon wants to get revenge on the manny who killed Anna Grant. Revenge is Serious Business; it's up to him if he will take it all the way.

Rumours of Death, by Chris Boucher, is one of the most serious stories of the fabulous season 3. It is also one of the best stories ever because it is all about Avon!

It starts with Avon in prison. Oh noes! A baddy called Shrinker thinks he has trapped Avon but really Avon has trapped him - Avon, Tarrant and Dayna capture Shrinker and teleport back to the Liberator. Cally feels sorry for him but nobody else does because he is a baddy.

On Earth mannys are fighting and spying on each other. It looks like this bit is not to do with Avon but it is really because the leader of the fighting mannys is Sula who is actually Anna Grant who was Avon's love but he thinks she is dead when she isn't. This is important later.

Avon and Shrinker teleport down to a cave. Shrinker doesn't remember Anna Grant but Avon does. Shrinker remembers when Avon tried to become rich before Anna died and he tells Avon that a baddy called Bartholomew killed Anna, not him.

He he, every time they say Bartholomew they have to go mew like a cat.

Shrinker tells Avon all he knows about Bartholomew, then Avon teleports up and leaves Shrinker behind in the cave instead of killing him. Avon leaves Shrinker a gun in case, being a baddy, he wants to shoot somebody, although he is the only manny there.

Servalan has a new house. The fighting mannys attack Servalan's new house. A lot of them are in disguise so they fool the spying mannys who are on Servalan's side. The spying mannys get shot and Servalan gets captured. One of the spying mannys is still alive and tries to get help for Servalan.

Serious Business needs a Serious Face.

"I made a promise."
"To Anna?"
"To me."

Avon wants to see Servalan to find out more about Bartholomew. He doesn't know she has already been captured. Avon, Tarrant, Cally and Dayna teleport down and, after finding out about the fighting mannys, get into the house.

Servalan is in prison in the basement. Avon and Tarrant find her and she thinks Avon is in charge but he isn't. Anna comes in and Avon recognises her.

Anna tries to kiff Avon but he doesn't want to.

Avon remembers Shrinker's words about Bartholomew and realises it is Anna really. He shoots Anna when she tries to shoot him.

Only when Anna dies does Avon kiff her.

Avon lets Servalan go free. Then Servalan's friends arrive. Vila teleports up Tarrant, Cally and Dayna but not Avon. Servalan points a gun at Avon and tells him to put his teleport bracelet back on. She is going to shoot but he escapes in time.

This is a tragic ending. Avon is alive but he has killed Anna who was his love. He wanted to get revenge on her killer but it turns out it was him. Avon is left feeling very sad. Poor sad Avon.

Anna is a complicated character: as Anna Grant she was Avon's love, but as Bartholomew she was a baddy who put Avon in prison, but she was also Sula who was fighting against Servalan, another baddy. So was Anna a baddy or not?

Avon thought she was a baddy because he knew that as Bartholomew she had betrayed him, and so he shot Anna before she could shoot him. But he felt bad about it afterwards because she had also been a goody and his love.

Avon and Anna are doubly tragic because both thought the other was dead, then they meet again, but because Anna betrayed Avon in the past they can't trust each other now, so the only thing they can do is try to kill one another even though they are still in love. It's a very sad story.

This episode has a long-lasting effect on Avon. With nobody to hug him and kiff him and make him feel better after killing Anna, maybe he doesn't ever stop feeling sad about it. And maybe this is what sets him on the path that will lead him to shooting another of his friends who he thinks has betrayed him.

But that's another story...

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