Thursday, 19 August 2010

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Counter Plot

Counter Plot is part 5 of the Daleks' Master Plan by Terry Nation. It is only the second episode of this story that still has pictures - the first is Day of Armageddon, and there is only one more after this one out of the 12 parts of the story.

When last we saw our intrepid heroes... Sara Kingdom has shot Bret Vyon but the Doctor and Steven have escaped. Sara is working for Mavic Chen who is a baddy and in with the Daleks, and she wants her mannys to find the Doctor and Steven and shoot them dead.

The Doctor and Steven run into a strange room (we know it is strange because Steven says "strange room" when they go in it) with mice in it. Sara comes in to capture them but then the lights go on and off...

...and they all make funny faces.

Two other mannys are responsible for this - they have been doing an experiment - they go in the room to find the Doctor, Steven and Sara have vanished. So have the mice, but they were supposed to vanish because that was the point of the experiment.

They are busy still making faces and Steven and Sara are jumping up and down in space somewhere. Sara's mannys want to know what has happened so one of the science mannys tells them:
"They're many light years from Earth by now - moving towards a strange planet in a strange galaxy, the nature of which we can only guess at."

Karlton is Mavic Chen's baldy henchmanny.

Karlton finds out the Doctor and Steven and the Taranium they stole are all now on planet Myra and he tells Mavic Chen.

Mavic Chen rants about being powerful for a bit...

...and then, presumably, tells the Daleks about it so they can go to Myra to get the Taranium.

The Doctor wakes up in a jungle. "The mice couldn't have done that," he says.
He's right - mice are not clever enough to be able to build intergalactic teleports.

Steven wakes up before Sara and he takes her gun so she is captured. But something invisible is making big footprints - they are on a planet with invisible monsters.

The Daleks get to Myra and find the mice. They think the mice are their enemies and so they exterminate the mice! That is a terrible thing to happen to poor, defenceless mice - a waste of perfectly good noms. Then the Daleks find out about the invisible monsters when they shoot one.

The Doctor also fights off an invisible monster, in a very odd fight scene.

But now the Doctor knows where they are, because he knows the monsters are the Visians of Myra.

Steven argues with Sara to convince her they are not baddies. She is sad for killing Bret because he was her brother. But just after Sara joins the goodys, the Daleks shoot more Visians and surround the Doctor, Steven and Sara.
The Doctor says "I'm afraid, my friends, the Daleks have won."

That is the exciting end of this episode. What will happen next? To be continued, maybe, but some other time because now it is time for sleeps for me. Bye bye. Zzzzz

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