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Big Gay Longcat reviews Star Trek: Spock's Brain

I was going to do The Changeling as my next Star Trek review until Star Cat pointed out that it is just like The Motion Picture only not long.
So here is a review of Spock's Brain instead.

This is the first episode of season 3, and I am sure that when the mannys who made it decided to show it first they thought it was the best example of Star Trek that would keep all the mannys wanting to watch more Star Trek because it is so exciting.

If so then I think they were wrong. There are much better episodes than this in season 3. Almost all of them, really.

It starts with a spaceship flying towards the Enterprise, which is already on Red Alert and ready for action. A woman beams on to the bridge. She makes the lights go on and then off and everyone on the Enterprise falls down to have sleeps. The woman is the only one still awake and she touches Mr Spock's head.

When the lights come on again and everyone wakes up the woman is gone and Mr Spock is not on the bridge, he is in sickbay. Captain Kirk is very worried and asks Dr McCoy what is wrong with Mr Spock. Dr McCoy tells him:
"His brain is gone. It's been removed surgically."

Captain Kirk guesses the woman has stolen Spock's brain and so they will have to search for it. Dr McCoy says:
"Jim, where are you going to look? In this whole galaxy, where are you going to look for Spock's brain? How are you going to find it?"

The Enterprise follows the spaceship that has Spock's brain until they lose the trail. There are three planets that it could have gone to but none of them look like they could have made a spaceship. Lt Uhura detects energy from one of the planets so they go to it.

This scene tries to be dramatic but it is not really because it is so obvious that they should go to where the energy is instead of the other planets. Lt Sulu and Mr Chekhov are being silly when they suggest investigating the other planets. Maybe the woman took their brains as well?

Captain Kirk beams down with Scotty but then he forgets that Mr Spock is not there and asks him for lifeform readings. This shows Captain Kirk misses his friend a lot and is worried about him.

They are attacked by primitive mannys but win the fight using phasers and capture one of the mannys. Captain Kirk speaks to him - he knows things about this planet but he doesn't know what women are and then gets scared of their questions and runs away.

Scotty finds a cave. Dr McCoy beams down with Mr Spock's body, which he can move about with a remote control.

Remote Controlled Mr Spock.

The cave takes Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Dr McCoy and Scotty inside the planet. They meet a woman called Luma and Captain Kirk stuns her before she can do anything to them. He then asks her questions but she doesn't know anything.

Captain Kirk gets through to Spock's brain on his communicator so he can speak to Spock's brain but they still don't know where it is. Then they meet the woman who Captain Kirk recognises as the one who stole Spock's brain. She is Kara and she captures them.

Captain Kirk asks Kara about Spock's brain but, like Luma, she doesn't know anything. Kara doesn't remember being on the Enterprise and doesn't even know what a brain is.
"Brain and brain! What is brain?" she says.

I know what a brain is. I am a clever cat.

Kara will not let Captain Kirk speak to their controller, who is in charge of their planet, and Captain Kirk suspects it is Spock's brain that is the controller. They escape from their guards (really easily) and go looking for it.

When they find the controller's room Kara is there and she zaps Captain Kirk, Dr McCoy and Scotty, but Mr Spock's body is unaffected so Captain Kirk uses the remote control to get Mr Spock to overpower Kara.

Hoping she will restore Spock's brain to his body, Captain Kirk puts Kara in the teaching machine to give her the knowledge but she will not do it, so Dr McCoy tries it as well.

"He's operating at warp speed!"

Dr McCoy starts to put Spock's brain back in his body but the knowledge is temporary and he forgets half way through. He manages to carry on enough so Mr Spock can talk to him, then Mr Spock takes over and tells Dr McCoy how to finish putting his brain back in.

When he is better Mr Spock talks so much that Dr MCoy wishes he had not let Mr Spock be able to speak again. Lol!

Spock's Brain is a very silly episode, especially when it tries to be serious and dramatic about finding Spock's brain and putting it back in, which is a silly idea in the first place.

It is quite exciting in places and it is good in bits, like when we see how much Captain Kirk misses Mr Spock that he calls Scotty "Mr Spock" by mistake, but there are no memorable baddys like Khan or high stakes to make things tense for our heroes. I always knew Captain Kirk would get Spock's brain back because Mr Spock needs his brain to be in other episodes.

Don't believe Star Cat if he tells you otherwise.

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