Sunday, 23 January 2011

150th post

I have been watching lots of Avengers recently, it is very good and I like Steed, he is a very cool manny - so cool he is almost a cat.
My best episode so far is The Hidden Tiger, when baddys turn cats into tigers!

I have also seen The New Avengers. It doesn't have Emma Peel in it, it has Mike Gambit and Purdey instead, though Steed is in it which is good because I like him. I think Mike Gambit is my favourite though, he is a very handsome manny and it is funny when he unsuccessfully flirts with Purdey. I think he likes Steed really.
My best episode of New Avengers so far is Cat Amongst the Pigeons. I don't want to give too much away, but cats save the day at the end!

I still like Star Trek, and I have been watching the Animated Series with Star Cat. It is different from normal Star Trek in that they are all cartoons and the stories are shorter (which leaves more time for sleeps so that is good in a way), but the characters are the same.
Here is a picture of cartoon Sulu:

Bye bye for now, I have more Avengers to watch!

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