Saturday, 22 January 2011

Monkey Challenge: The Great Journey Begins

The last of the three 'set-up' episodes, in which Monkey and Tripitaka meet Sandy and Pigsy and so their party is complete. There is then time for a short adventure wherein Tripitaka is captured by a spirit that wants to eat him - the first of many throughout the series. This time it is the Tiger King, ruler of the Tiger Ghosts.

As with the previous episode, a lot happens here so the story goes by quickly. My favourite scene is where Monkey makes friends with Pigsy while fighting him, and there is a reference to Monkey being baked in Lao Tzu's crucible - an event not seen in the TV series but part of the original Monkey legend.

Also fun is Monkey's first meeting with Sandy and his exclamation "you cannibal!"

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