Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monkey Challenge: Pearls Before Swine

Monkey and the others come up against the three Animal Strength Immortals, who have taken over a country so they can drink all their wine and eat all their paper and jewels (as you do if you're an evil Immortal).

Pigsy fights them first, trying to impress a girl he met, but they demonstrate their magic power of being able to shoot laser beams at him, and Pigsy runs away - though not quickly enough to avoid being shot in the backside as he goes.

Big Gay Longcat says: I saw Pigsy's bum! Rude Pigsy is rude!

Monkey and Sandy take them on while equipped with a table polished so it will reflect their laser beam, but at full strength, with the energy they have drawn from the wine, paper and jewels of an entire country, they are powerful enough to melt the table away.

With the help of some locals, Monkey hatches a plan to defeat the Immortals, a two-pronged plan where he will distract them and the locals will guide Pigsy and Sandy to the place where the Immortals keep their wine, paper and jewels - by denying the Immortals their sustenance, they will be unable to recharge their magical energy.

The plan almost goes awry when Tripitaka is (of course) captured by the Immortals, but in the end they are defeated and chased away from the country for a happy ending.

I think this is based on one of the stories in the book of Monkey, the tale of the three Taoist Immortals who take over a country, but very heavily adapted to the point of being almost unrecognisable. I think I'm right in saying that a later episode is also based on the same story - but we shall see when I get to it.

This is another enjoyable and very silly episode, with most of the silliness, as usual, coming from Pigsy. The physical actor Toshiyuki Nishida, and the voice actor Peter Woodthorpe, compliment each other very well to make Pigsy a great comedic character.

Sorry about the picture showing Pigsy's bum, but Big Gay Longcat insisted on it.

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