Friday, 29 April 2011

Monkey Challenge: Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil

So I'm about a third of the way through the Monkey Challenge - 17 out of 52 - and I've reached the point where the episodes begin to blend into one another, and the repetitive aspects of the stories begin to grow somewhat wearisome.

Watching them at the pace of one-a-week it's still easy enough to watch them, but when it comes to these write-ups I'm running out of things to say. As I am determined not to do anything that is a chore - I am doing this Challenge for fun, after all - I'm going to keep this one brief, with just an overview of the plot and then saying it's an average episode; not very memorable.

This is the one where an old woman thinks Tripitaka is her long-lost son, who went off to become a priest. In fact her son is the villain of the piece - the titular Grey Gloves Devil - who fell in with demons and became an evil magician. The two are reunited at the end and he reforms.

It's an average episode; not very memorable.

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