Monday, 15 August 2011

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Sentence of Death

Part five of The Keys of Marinus starts with Ian getting knocked out again, because it's a recap of the end of part four. And then when he wakes up he meets... Tarrant!

No, not that Tarrant (sadly).

No, not that Tarrant either.

No, not even that Tarrant. It's actually this Tarrant:

You can tell because he's in black and white, like the rest of Keys of Marinus.

Tarrant works for the Guardians. He thinks Ian has killed the manny and hidden the key, even though he saw Ian when he was still knocked out - so this Tarrant is obviously not as clever as the Tarrants in Blakes 7; after all, Tarrant recognised Avon straight away in Powerplay.

Ian is guilty unless he can prove himself innocent, because the mannys here have the stupidest laws ever. But although the laws are stupid, this is a clever bit of writing by Terry Nation because it shows how bad it would be if there weren't better laws in the real world.

Ian sees Barbara, Susan , Altos and Sabetha, and then the Doctor comes in - he will defend Ian at his trial. The Doctor is allowed two days to find some evidence, but the prosecutor Eyesen objects and this is very suspicious - either he is a baddy or he just really likes being a sinister prosecutor (of course he is a baddy really).

Tarrant helps the Doctor even though he still thinks Ian is guilty, he tells the Doctor what he saw and then the Doctor realises the key that is missing is an important clue. Because Tarrant knows it wasn't taken out of the room, the Doctor works out that the guard that found Ian, Aydan, is the killer, and he thinks he knows where Aydan hid the key. He doesn't tell Tarrant though, he keeps it to himself.

Barbara and Susan visit Aydan and his wife Lady Peinforte Kala. Aydan gets angry because he knows he is in danger of being found out. He doesn't hit Barbara or Susan but, when they leave, he hits Kala, showing he is a baddy.

We see that Eyesen is in on it (told you) when he gets a 'phone call from somebody and quickly comes up with an evil plan, but we don't get to know what it is. This is Terry Nation keeping us in suspense.

Back in the court, the Doctor tells everyone that he knows who the real killer is, then calls Sabetha as a witness. She shows a key, then claims she was given it by Aydan. He says "But they can't have found it, I..." Then he tries to run away and Barbara and Susan catch him really easily.

He is about to say who his friends and fellow baddys are, when he goes
Someone has killed him.

The Doctor admits Sabetha was showing one of the other keys, not the one that was stolen. The judges still think Ian is guilty and Eyesen is even more keen than he was before that Ian should be killed straight away.

Barbara gets a 'phone call from Susan, who has been kidnapped by someone.
"They're going to kill me," she says.

That is the end of the episode, with both Ian and Susan in danger and only Tarrant can save them now!

Possibly the Doctor might help him a bit.

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