Monday, 14 November 2011

Dead on Arrival

Jo feels like she has "eaten ten tons of spaghetti" because she has been in the Doctor's "molecular adjuster." It has also made her look nothing like Katy Manning.

The Doctor puts the power on "ultra-boost " when "Suddenly..... Edgar Hodges - "
I don't know what this means or who Edgar Hodges is. Professor Cat has worked out an elaborate theory which he says 'proves' that Edgar Hodges is the Master. I think that he is a silly cat and this story is off to a silly start.

Jo "desperately" searches for the Doctor. Presumably she has already looked for him at UNIT HQ before hitting on the idea of looking for him at a random church.

I think Jo says "Ohy a coffin!" which is a funny thing to say.

While this story has been very silly up until now, the bit where Jo sees her own body lying in the coffin is very scary and effective.
Jo goes "Aaaaaiiiiieegh" and I imagine most mannys would do the same. Cats, of course, wouldn't immediately recognise themselves, they would just think "Oh what a shame that a very handsome cat is dead."

The Doctor goes back to his laboratory where the Brigadier (we can tell it's the Brigadier and not some other manny with a moustache - I will explain how after the next page) is pointing at a big flashing red light. The Doctor does not seem too concerned that there is a a hole in the space-time continuum until he sees that somebody is "trying to get through" it.

This story cleverly doesn't tell us the manny with a moustache is the Brigadier, it shows us instead because we can see his Brigadier rank insignia.

And it is a good thing that is there, because there were a lot of mannys with moustaches in the '70s and it could have been any of them.

Well he played Commander Maxil, why not some manny in UNIT as well?

The Doctor was going to set up a force field but now he is getting a message to remove his force field. I suppose he must have set one up since the last page.

How can Jo warn the Doctor about the aliens when he can't see or hear her? I'm sure we will get the answers soon, there's only two pages left to go.

Removing the force field causes the Doctor to turn into a ghost like Jo. I don't know why. Maybe we will get explanations on the last page.

Yay! The Earth is safe and everything is explained. Oh wait, I don't understand anything about that explanation. Neither does the Brigadier or Jo.

The only thing that is explained is why Jo doesn't look like Katy Manning in this story. Clearly from the last picture that is because Jo is being played by Katherine Parkinson (from The IT Crowd) in this story.

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