Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mythical Monsters

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space doesn't just have stories about Doctor Who in it. It also has little stories about space, stars and telescopes, but I have been missing these out because they are like documentaries and I don't understand them.

This story is not about science, it is about mythical monsters. This is the very flimsy link to Doctor Who that starts the story:

"In his many adventures, Dr Who has seen many strange and dangerous foes, but he has always managed to escape from them - for the time being, at least. But monsters have been with us, in fact and fiction, since the earliest days of civilization. Here are some stories of the strange mythical monsters in which the early Greeks and Romans believed."

There is then a scary picture of Gorgons who have snakes on their heads.

The next page has a picture of a Furies, and they are also scary and have snakes on their heads though they are a different colour from the Gorgons' snakes.

There is also a picture of Cyclops, who is a manny with only one eye. he is meant to be "terrifying to look at" but I think he looks silly.

Hydra is "a serpent with many heads that lived in Lake Lerna." The picture makes it look like it is just lots of snakes because we don't see where they join the body. And they look a bit derpy as well.

Cerberus is a cute doggy with three heads. I asked Puppy if he would like to have three heads and he said "woof woof woof." This roughly translates as "Three heads would mean three times as many kiffs and woofs and noms."

The last page of this story has pictures of Sirens and the Minotaur, who is very purple for some reason.

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