Saturday, 10 December 2011

Monkey Challenge: The Tenacious Tomboy

When I reviewed the episode The Fountain of Youth one of my criticisms was:
"Now I'm not normally one to quibble over the fine details of plot-holes, but I have to point out that Monkey was never a baby - he was "born from an egg on a mountaintop" and was fully grown when he burst forth from said egg. This is shown at the beginning of the title sequence of every episode!"

The Tenacious Tomboy does the opposite of that - it not only remembers that Monkey was born from a stone egg, a crucial plot point turns on this detail.

The demon-of-the-week is a Stone Ogre who jealously guards his stone flower garden and turns trespassers into stone. The 'tenacious tomboy' of the title is a strong-willed princess (similar in character to the princess in Pigsy, King and God) who tries to trick Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy into helping her fight the demon and rescue her lover, who has been turned to stone.

Things do not go according to plan - Pigsy, Sandy and the princess are all turned into stone and Tripitaka is captured by the demon who, of course, then intends to eat the priest. Only Monkey and Yu Lung are left (even Monkey's cloud is turned to stone) when Monkey realises that, because he is a Stone Monkey, he is immune to the demon's power. Being unable to turn Monkey to stone, the demon is no match for Monkey in the end.

This is an average Monkey episode, with only one of the series' rare nods towards continuity to help it stand out from the crowd, but it is overall quite repetitive of elements we have seen in the series before now.

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