Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: The Android Invasion Part Two

Part two starts with the scene leading up to the scary face!

The alien with the scary face is Styggron. He talks to Crayford again while the Doctor and Sarah Jane escape. UNIT soldiers run about while they hide and talk about what they have found out. Sarah Jane knows who Crayford is - he was an astronaut flying the XK5 Space Freighter, but he was supposed to be dead. (Fireball XK5?)

The Doctor and Sarah Jane meet Benton and he pulls a gun on them.

Benton does not shoot because Styggron and Crayford argue about whether they should be captured alive until Styggron uses a Monkey-style Headache Sutra on Crayford to make him give in. Benton is confused and the Doctor and Sarah Jane escape but he is soon chasing them again with other UNIT soldiers and Harry Sullivan helping him.

The Doctor thinks Crayford and all the UNIT mannys have been hypno-eyesed. They run into the woods while the soldiers get doggies to help them search. The doggies can smell them so when they hear the doggies barking they split up, with the Doctor taking Sarah Jane's scarf for the doggies to smell while she hides up a tree.

The soldiers and doggies go right past the tree, and the Doctor escapes them too by hiding under water.

I'm not surprised they didn't look in the water; doggies, like cats, don't like getting wet and I suppose soldiers don't like it either. When Sarah Jane comes down from the tree they chase her instead.

Crayford reports to Styggron that Sarah Jane has been captured, and then two soldiers bring in a stretcher with her on it. Sarah Jane is experimented on by Styggron, which involved lots of flashing lights that I found very distracting.

"Commence the analysis of the BRAIN!" he says.

The Doctor gets back to the village and tries to 'phone somebody but it doesn't work. He tries the 'phone in the pub and it also doesn't work. The landlord comes in and the Doctor asks for a pint.
"A pint of what?"
"Ginger beer."
The Doctor wouldn't be seen drinking real beer, as that would be a bad example for the viewers.

The Doctor plays darts, and he then notices it is a brand new dartboard, "never been used before." This is another clue. Styggron spies on the Doctor and then he has an argument with another alien just like him. They are both Kraals.

The Doctor is still in the pub. He finds a calendar but all the days on it say "July 6."

"Strange. A village without a future."

This is another clue. The 'phone in the pub rings and it is for the Doctor. It is Sarah Jane. She is in the "village store" and she tells the Doctor that she has escaped and found out the aliens' whole plan. The Doctor goes to meet her but first he tries the 'phone to see if it is broken again. It is, and this is yet another clue for the Doctor to solve the mystery.

Styggron's friend, Chedaki, is worried that the Doctor could reprogramme their androids and turn them against the Kraals. Styggron makes an android that looks like a UNIT soldier and then kills it to reassure his friend they can beat the androids if they need to.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane meet up. Sarah Jane is frightened so the Doctor gives her some ginger pop to drink. They go back into the woods, avoiding the white robots, but the TARDIS is gone when they get to where it was. Sarah Jane should have known this because she was there when it disappeared.

The Doctor has solved the mystery and he explains it:
"This isn't Earth. This isn't real wood, it's some kind of artificial material like plastic. These aren't real trees, and you're not the real Sarah."

Sarah pulls a gun on the Doctor, just like Benton did earlier. The Doctor knew she was fake straight away because she is wearing her scarf again while he still has her scarf in his pocket. He uses the scarf to disarm her of the gun and demands to know where the real Sarah is.

Fake-Sarah falls down and her face falls off.

This dramatic moment is the end of the episode!

Part two continues the fast-paced style of part one, with lots happening and an exciting chase scene with doggies. As always the Doctor uses his brains to outwit the baddys and work out what is going on, but the story is not over yet - where is the real Sarah?

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