Friday, 27 January 2012

Double Trouble!

Double Trouble! is the next story after Drum Beat In Space, and it is not much better. It is longer though, because it is four pages long. The Doctor, Harry, the Brigadier and Sarah are all in this story, but they don't do much except for Sarah who gets possessed by an alien.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive in the TARDIS back from the planet Dumok and Sarah is acting oddly because she has been possessed by Theon, though we don't find this out until page 3. The trouble with this story is that everybody acts oddly, even if they're not possessed.

"Turning to see who or what she was looking at, Harry saw a young soldier, sitting alone at a table. He seemed a perfectly normal chap, and nothing that Harry could see accounted for Sarah's behaviour.
"Not your type," he said."

This is an example of Harry acting out-of-character when he says "Not your type," to Sarah. He then talks to the Doctor about Sarah, and it is the Doctor's turn to say uncharacteristic things:

"Harry had a word with the Doctor about Sarah's strange behaviour, but that worthy man was so wrapped up with his formulae that he only lent half an ear to what Harry was saying. "Women are notoriously moody," he said, "and Sarah Jane Smith is no exception!" With that, he returned to his calculations, leaving Harry to hope that he was right."

Harry decides to follow Sarah around until he sees her go to the communications block and "sitting at the controls of the main transmitter, obviously preparing to send a message into space."
Harry confronts Sarah and she knocks him out with her electric hands.

The Doctor wakes Harry up and then the Brigadier comes in.

""Thank goodness, I've found you!" he gasped. "Come quickly Doctor, Sarah is fighting one of my men!"
"My money is definitely on Sarah," said the Doctor"

Hang on, that picture of the Doctor looks familiar.

It is the same pose as in the picture from A New Life. And that picture was already familiar to me:

Anyway, Sarah fights with the soldier until the aliens possessing them come out of their bodies and the Doctor recognises them as being from Dumok. The goody alien is Theon and he beats the baddy alien and then gives the Doctor all the exposition about why they were both on Earth possessing mannys and fighting.

Theon apologies to Harry for electricing him and then a spaceship comes and takes the aliens away. That is just about the end of the story, except for Sarah asking for help:
""Don't just stand there, you lot! Come and help me up!"
"Did you hear something, Harry?" asked the Doctor with a grin.
"I do believe I heard a slight squeak," replied Harry.
But the Brigadier was acting the prefect gentleman, and had beaten them both to it."

At least this little bit at the end gives the Doctor and Harry a chance to be properly in-character, because they tease Sarah when the real danger is passed. I don't think this is a very good story overall though, because the Doctor and Harry don't really do anything to solve the mystery except for see the aliens.

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