Sunday, 1 April 2012

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Robot Part One

Robot is a four-part story from season 12 of Doctor Who. It stars Tom Baker as the Doctor, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan.

It's Jon Pertwee! I thought Tom Baker was playing the Doctor in this one?

Oh, he's regenerated straight away. That explains it.

A thingy (that we don't see, except that it has pincers for hands) kills a manny and breaks into a place even though it has signs that say "KEEP OUT" and "NO ADMITTANCE" so it must be a baddy. Further proof of this is when doggys are scared of the thingy and run away.
Scary Cat says he wouldn't be scared of a thingy; not even if it had hoovers for hands. I'd definitely be scared of a thingy like that, but I'm not brave like Scary Cat. The thingy steals a bit of paper with "TOP SECRET" on it.

The Doctor creeps about UNIT HQ, looking round with a big smile and bigger eyes.

Harry catches him trying to sneak away in the TARDIS and they do a routine about which one of them is the doctor. The scene ends with comedy music to make sure we know it is funny. Then the Doctor locks Harry in a cupboard off-screen.

Back to the thingy. This time it is killing John Scott Martin and breaking his telephone. Then it pincers a red tray.

Back at UNIT HQ, the Brigadier comes in to try and get the Doctor involved in the plot but the Doctor is dressed as a viking. The Brigadier says the Doctor can't help UNIT until he dresses properly. The Doctor tries on two more silly costumes...

...before he comes out dressed properly, with his scarf on and everything.

The Brigadier takes the Doctor and Harry to the scene of the crime where the red tray was stolen, and the Doctor finds a clue right away.

Meanwhile Sarah is investigating other mannys, but we know they are involved in the same plot really because they act suspiciously before she arrives. Sarah sees a clue but the mannys make her go away.

The Brigadier gets all his UNIT mannys to guard a box because the Doctor thinks it will be the next thing to be stolen.

But the thingy is too clever and comes up from underneath to steal what's in the box. When they find out what has happened the Doctor says my favourite line in the episode. First he says:
"There seems to be a very large rat about, Brigadier."
"Rat?" says the Brigadier, who probably thought it was aliens. Then the Doctor says:
"Perhaps you should employ the services of a very large cat."
I am a cat, and I am both big and long. Maybe the Doctor means me.

Benton finds the giant footprints of the thingy. If they are a very large rat's footprints then they are a funny shape. (And very big. Maybe it would be better if UNIT employed Scary Cat to catch the thingy, not me.)

Sarah visits a manny with very silly hair that makes him look like a mad scientist. Fortunately, he is a mad scientist. Then she sneaks back to where she saw the clue, just in time to be there for the episode's cliffhanger ending - Sarah sees the thingy and it is a robot! Not a very large rat at all! This is very surprising twist that I did not see coming - a robot!

Oh, I've just remembered the title of the story is "Robot," so maybe I should have expected a robot to have been involved.

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