Sunday, 15 April 2012

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Robot Part Three

We get to see the whole of the fight scene between the Doctor and Robot from the end of the last episode again, which takes up the first two minutes of this episode.

Sarah comes in and tells Robot that the Doctor is a goody and not a baddy, which confuses Robot. "I am confused" he says. Then UNIT mannys come in and shoot Robot but the bullets do nothing. The UNIT mannys keep shooting Robot anyway until it leaves.

Benton makes an "Oh noes!" face. Then Sarah and Benton find Professor Kettlewell in a cupboard having a sleep.

The Doctor is beginning to work out what the plot is about. The Brigadier tells him what the obvious baddys are after.
"A few months ago, the superpowers, Russia, America, China, decided upon a plan to ensure peace. All three powers have hidden atomic missile sites. All three agreed to hand over details of the sites, plus full operation instructions to another neutral country. In the event of trouble, that country could publish everyone's secrets and cool things down.
Naturally enough the only country that could be trusted with such a role was Great Britain."
"Naturally. I mean the rest were all foreigners," quips the Doctor.
Then Captain Blackadder comes in and says "There was one tiny flaw in the plan."
Oh wait, it was a different other TV programme that last bit happened in.

Sarah and Professor Kettlewell go to a meeting of the obvious baddys, who are now dressing and acting a bit like Roderick Spode from Jeeves & Wooster to make it even more obvious that they are the baddys.

They capture Sarah and the Doctor and it turns out Professor Kettlewell is a baddy too (though he is not dressed as one - very cunning). UNIT comes to rescue them but Robot helps the baddys escape with Sarah still a hostage.

Harry calls to tell the Brigadier that the baddys are going to hide on location, but then he is captured as well. The Doctor and UNIT go to the baddys base and get past their defences with lots of explosions to keep things exciting.

Then the baddys send Robot out to shoot them with the pewpewpew gun they have made that makes mannys disappear. This makes the Brigadier grumpy but he says "I brought along something to deal with it."

The Brigadier sends in a tank confident that, because a tank is even bigger than a robot, it will beat Robot. But he is wrong because Robot makes the tank disappear too! That is the end of the episode - can anything stop Robot? Maybe an even bigger model of tank? Or maybe the metal-destroying virus that Professor Kettlewell off-handedly mentioned earlier on will turn out to be just the plot device the Doctor needs? The next episode is the final part of Robot so we will find out then.

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