Sunday, 24 June 2012

Avon vs Wogan

I have just found out there was a Blakes 7 comic story. It was called Autona... Planet of Lies!

In it the baddy is called Wogan! His first name is not given but, this being Blakes 7, I think we can guess it.

Sadly I have not read the whole story but another manny has and he made a video reviewing it here. It sounds as though he likes Blakes 7 almost as much as me!

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Scaramouche is a good film. The main character is called Scaramouche and even though that sounds like "Scary Mouse" he reminds me of Avon. He wasn't played by Paul Darrow though, he was played by Stewart Granger. Here are some clips that show why the film is so good, though obviously the whole film is much better, and longer:

It is my birthday today and now I am four years old. For my birthday I got hugs and kiffs from my friends so I am a happy cat.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: The Ark in Space Part Three

Noah wrestles with his tentacle hand, which reminds me of when longcats - other longcats of course, not me - pounce on their own tails not realising that they are part of us... I mean them. The Doctor and Vira look for Noah and when they find him half his face is green because he is turning into a Wirrn.

Harry wakes up two more mannys - Lycett and Rogin, both of whom have proper space-sounding names - to help them. The Doctor has a plan to beat the Wirrn when they have a sleep. He starts his plan by plugging his brain into the dead Wirrn's brain so he can see what killed it. The Doctor is not Mr Spock yet so he has to use electrics to do this. Everyone else says this is very dangerous but the Doctor laughs and does it anyway.

The green thing wriggles in very fast and kills Lycett, trapping the others in the room where the Doctor is seeing inside the Wirrn's brain. Harry and Rogin run to get guns. They meet Noah (who is even more green now) and shoot him, then they run in and - directed by the Doctor - shoot the other green thing in its nipples.

The guns don't kill the aliens but shooting them in the nipples does make them go away. This shows that the Doctor has learned something about their weakness from the dead Wirrn's brain.

To escape from the room they use the teleport, but Noah turns the power off so they are separated and will be running out of air soon. This is not a dramatic enough turn of events to end the episode on, so the Doctor goes to see if it is safe and he sees Noah finally turning all the way into a Wirrn.

In some ways not a lot happens in this episode, but it is full of suspense and alien green things, so the Doctor and his friends are always in peril. This builds up until the maximum moment of danger at the end of the episode, which will have to be resolved next time because it is the last part of the story.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Big Gay Long Writer

I have not been posting much recently because I have been a very busy cat. No I have not been having sleeps (well, some sleeps), I have been writing a story for Blakes 7!

20,000 words is a lot of words - much, much longer than most of my stories. In fact, 1,000 words is longer than most of my Blakes 7 stories.

Combine that with the fact that it has to be set in series one (so no Del Tarrant, oh noes!) and it means I have to write something wholly new. It is hard, but I will win this competition so the world can read about Avon and the Planet of the Big, Gay, Long Space-Cats!