Sunday, 26 August 2012

Big Gay Long Cat Wedding

Some mannys have declared today to be "National Marriage Sunday" in Scotland, which is where I live. But these same mannys don't like anyone who is gay to marry anyone else who is gay. That seems very stupid to me, and though I am only a cat I think these mannys are not nice and that they should stop being horrible.

Fortunately these silly mannys don't get to say who big gay long cats can or can't marry. Today me and Gamma Longcat had a Big Gay Long Cat Wedding. Here we are with some of our friends posing for a photo:

That's right, we joined in with "National Marriage Sunday" even though the horrible mannys don't want us to. LOL.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Every Caturday Present Ever At Once

Purr purr purr! Today on the internets I read the best news ever:

Paul Darrow is writing a story! And it is about Avon! And he will be reading the audiobook! In his voice!

Paul Darrow is obviously the best manny to write stories about Avon, because he is Avon. Just like William Shatner is clearly the best manny at writing stories all about Captian Kirk.

I am such a happy cat right now I can barely sleep. And when I do sleep my dreams are full of Avons.