Wednesday, 2 January 2013

350th post

It is now 2013. Last year there was a lot of talk on the internets about the Avengers. I really like the Avengers, but sadly the internets-talk was almost all about Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Manny and so on. While I like Iron Manny as much as the next cat, and Gamma Longcat likes the Hulk so much that we once collaborated on a story in which the Hulk meets Willy from Mission: Impossible and Gamma Longcat managed to make it the whole way through without any naps, they are not the best Avengers.

This is the best Avengers:

This year I will be watching lots of Avengers with John Steed to make up for the lack of him in Avengers last year. Hopefully they will remember to include him in the sequel, but if not then I will make up for it by writing stories in which he meets Tony Stark and they have adventures together.

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