Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Alternative Exits 2

Season Two

As seen through the lens of comments given to the BBC Audience Research Department by 1965's TV viewers.

The Powerful Enemy, a.k.a. The Rescue
"From the way the story and character were developing, coming hard on the heels of Susan's departure in Flashpoint two weeks ago, I was expecting Vicki to be a straightforward replacement. It was therefore a surprise when this didn't happen, but not a nasty surprise. Long may Doctor Who continue to not take the obvious road in its plotting."

The Romans
"Seeing Ian left behind in Ancient Rome was a bit of a shock ending. Whatever next - Vicki left behind in Ancient Greece?"

The Web Planet
"Well, Barbara's heroic sacrifice was wasted on me because I found the entire thing just too silly to take seriously. What was going on at the end there? I don't think I'll carry on watching Doctor Who if it's like that again."

The Crusade
"So is Sir Ian of Jaffa getting his own series then? I hope so. The Adventures of Sir Lancelot was good."

The Space Museum
"So I missed last week's programme and now it turns out Ian and Barbara aren't in it any more. Oh well."

The Time Meddler
"That was certainly a twist alright. Steven and Vicki travelling in time and space with that Monk fellow instead of the Doctor. I wonder if they'll change the name of the show?"

Galaxy 4
"I hope Vicki has a really groovy time with those Rills, man."

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