Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Power

The Doctor seems very keen on leaving his scarf behind and wearing a suit and tie these days. Maybe it is too hot for him to wear a scarf right now? I wonder who that is with him - Leela was the Companion in the last story but it could just as easily be Harry or Co-Ordinator Engin going by the prior form of these stories.

The arrival of the TARDIS distracts one of the fighting mannys and allows the other one to win, just as happens at the beginning of Temple of Secrets (part one of The Myth Makers). I'm not going to hold that against The Power though, not when there are so many other things to hold against it.

It turns out it is Leela that is the Companion when the narration tells us
Dr. Who and Leela step out of the TARDIS...
Leela, of course, is instantly recognisable in her trademark blue jeans. And it appears that she has changed her shirt since page 1 as it is a different colour. I am good at recognising colours because I have seven different colours of stripes on me.

The Doctor has taken off his jacket and tie so that he looks like he did in The Deadly Assassin. This makes it easier for the artist to copy pictures of the Doctor from that TV story.

He would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for the invention of videos and DVDs. The Power is very confusing and it is difficult to follow what is happening, but I think the Doctor has been thrown in a pit to be nomed by some hazily-defined monsters called Porgs. The baddy, Zig, does have some good quality mad laughter bits though:
All you need do is tell us the secret! Ha ha ha! Throw him in!
 Good luck with your case, Doctor. Ha ha ha haah!

Princess Azula looks like a monkey. This is page 4 and it is the first (and only) time we have seen a clear picture of her. If it wasn't for the narration I would not be able to tell which character is which, except for the Doctor who does manage to look consistently like Tom Baker.

The twist where Zig reveals he has wings, so far concealed under his cloak, is a good one, but if the artwork had been clearer then this could have been a much more dramatic revelation.

Zig appears to have taken the time to shave off his beard since the last page, going by the third panel here.

Zig ends up falling into his own pit full of Porgs, in a satisfying piece of poetic justice that partially helps redeem this mess of a story. The moral of the story is that books are great but they should be shared, which I think everybody would agree with except for obvious baddys.

The Doctor puts his tie and jacket back on to look smart for the ending. Leela has changed into a purple shirt, but then is back in yellow for the last panel. At the very bottom it says "Paul Crompton" but I don't know why.

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