Sunday, 1 September 2013

Big Gay Longcat reviews Dark Towers (part five)

Who can help?

The episode begins with the sound of thunder and the Tall Knight's scary background noise. Bunce gets out of the van and runs away, even though the Tall Knight himself hasn't come back to be in this episode.

In the red bedroom, in an attempt to convince Edward that she is not really a baddy, Miss Hawk tells Edward that the Golden Book of the Tall Knight belongs in a museum.

The friendly ghost manifests and scares Miss Hawk so that she runs away.

Meanwhile, Towser rescues Tracy from the van.

Miss Hawk runs to where Benger is and pushes him into the studded chest, accidentally opening a secret panel to reveal the Golden Book.

The baddys have the treasure. Oh noes!

The friendly ghost tells Edward a new riddle:
"Beware when three thieves come together,
Two buzzing bees and the bird with the brown feather.
They have their hands upon the treasure."

Well, it's not really a riddle, more a summary of events. The friendly ghost feels that the only thing to do is to call for the Tall Knight to come and help them. He begins to speak nonsense, which may be a magic ghost-summoning spell. The camera shakes and the episode ends as it began - with the sound of thunder.

The last laugh

Towser and Tracy go to see Lord Dark, even though he still thinks she is a thief. She tells Lord Dark that Benger and Bunce are the real baddys and he believes her now even though he didn't before. This may be the weakest link in the whole story, but it is forgivable because the rest of it is so good.

Benger, Bunce and Miss Hawk argue over possession of the Golden Book until Miss Hawk ends the brief debate by running off with it.

The friendly ghost's summoning spell begins to work. It gets dark and Benger and Bunce get scared, but they still manage to catch up with Miss Hawk as she tries to start her car to get away.

Lord Dark comes outside with Towser, Tracy and Edward and orders the baddys to stay where they are.

"Sorry, must dash," 
says Benger, in a moment that curiously resembles the Doctor's line to the Cybermen in The Five Doctors.

The Tall Knight manifests for the final time and everybody sees him. Lord Dark can't believe his eyes. Benger, Bunce and Miss Hawk all try to run away but the Tall Knight is too scary so they have to stay and be arrested by the police, who arrive at this point and take over from the Tall Knight, who has disappeared again.

Tracy picks up the Golden Book and gives it to Lord Dark, who thanks her and the Tall Knight.

Towser doesn't get thanked, but he helped too. The friendly ghost and the Tall Knight are invisible now, but they laugh because Dark Towers has been saved. That is the end.

Dark Towers is just an incredibly good story and is a TV series that stands up so well today. Each of its episodes are only about 7 minutes long but they manage to fit the right amount of mystery, scariness and Towser the brave doggy into them. I think the only way it could be improved would be if there had been some cats in it as well.

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