Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks Part Three

How will Sarah possibly survive such a big fall? If she was a cat it would be no trouble, but she's not a cat. It turns out that Sarah only falls about the length of cat (and not even a particularly long cat at that) before landing on... something. Part of the scaffolding, I think, but I don't know how she could have managed to fall sideways to do that.

This is a bit of a cheaty cliffhanger resolution. Anyway, Sarah and Stephen get recaptured by the Thals.

The Doctor and Harry are still in the cave and Harry puts his foot in the mouth of a monster so the Doctor has to rescue him. This scene is another example of padding but it does nicely mirror the bit in part one when Harry saved the Doctor from the mine he had stepped on.

They get to the Kaled leaders and have a secret meeting with them where the Doctor makes a speech to convince them of the baddyness of the Daleks.
"Some of what I will tell you relates to events in the future. Events not only on this planet but on others whose existence you don't even know of.
But my knowledge is scientific fact. Davros has created a machine creature, a monster, which will terrorise and destroy millions and millions of lives and lands through all eternity. He has given this machine a name: a Dalek. It is a word new to you, but for a thousand generations it is a name that will bring fear and terror.
Davros has one of the finest scientific minds in existence. But he has a fanatical desire to perpetuate himself in his creation. He works without conscience, without soul, without pity, and his machines are equally devoid of these qualities."

Nyder and Davros attempt a counter-conspiracy, but the Kaled leaders give them only 12 hours and then they're off the case... The Case of the Daleks.

Davros decides he will kill all of the Kaleds rather than let them stop him making Daleks. Nyder is horrified, but only for a moment - it seems he is loyal to Davros more than anyone or anything else.

It looks like the IM Force have succeeded in stealing Nyder's medal.

Lt Gruber tells the Doctor that Sarah is a prisoner of the Thals. He also tells them about how the Thal rocket will be useless because of the Kaled shields invented by Davros. This could have been played as dull but necessary exposition, but Gruber makes it entertaining by getting ranty over the Kaled superiority to the Thals.

The Doctor tries to be like Avon, but even he can't do 'peering out of a trapdoor' like Avon can.

The Doctor and Harry sneak into the Thal base and are surprised to see Davros and Nyder there. They hear Davros give the Thals a secret formula to make their rocket powerful enough to kill all the Kaleds.
"Why are you giving us this information? You know that your own people, the Kaleds, will be utterly exterminated..."
"No price is too great to pay for peace."
The Thals are a bit suspicious of him but they are convinced enough to use his formula. We know his true motives but the Thals don't.

The Doctor and Harry want to warn the Kaleds but they have to rescue Sarah first. They disguise themselves and set Sarah and the other prisoners free, including Stephen who we finally hear is really called "Sevrin" (which sounds a bit like Stephen anyway).

They all run away except for the Doctor who stays to sabotage the rocket, but one of the Thals turns the wall electric  and the Doctor gets electriced! Cliffhanger!

This is a great episode that really helps to build up the characters of Davros and Nyder, who get whole scenes to themselves where they make their conspiracy and plans clear to us. And even though the Daleks are hardly in it, their menace is felt throughout as the Doctor battles against the seeming inevitability of their creation.

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