Monday, 2 September 2013

Dressed for a Walk

Dressed for a Walk is the last story in Adventures in Time and Space. It is only two pages long, and even then the first page is entirely taken up by the title and the above picture of a spacesuit. The story itself is all about the spacesuit.

No one can walk in space without a spacesuit. The Doctor, of course, has to be the exception which proves the rule - but as far as more conventional explorers are concerned, the space suit is vital.

This proves to be true in the TV story Four to Doomsday, and also explains why the picture of Tom Baker as the Doctor doesn't show him in a spacesuit.

This story looks to be very interesting. When the Monkeys With Badges make a spaceship for me to go into space, I will need to have a spacesuit. So I had better know as much as I can about spacesuits for then.

The next paragraph explains that if mannys don't wear a spacesuit in space, their "blood would quite literally boil." I would be safe from that because I don't have blood, only stuffing because I am made from socks.
I hope my stuffing wouldn't boil.

The paragraph after that explains that spacesuits have to be flexible. Because I am a long cat, I would need a spacesuit that is even more flexible than one for a manny.

Later the story explains that if an "astronaut was thirsty he sipped water from a tube inside the helmet." I don't drink water but I do like noms. Perhaps there could be a fish or a bunny inside my spacesuit for me to nom if I got hungry.

I don't know if I would need a PLSS.
PLSS - Portable Life Support System. This supplied pressure at .26 kgf. per sq. cm.

I don't understand all of what this story is about, it is a bit too much like a confusing documentary for me. But it looks as though the Monkeys With Badges will have as tough a job making a spacesuit for me as they will making me a spaceship.

Take a look at our artist's impression of the Apollo 15 'moon suit', and you'll see just how much thought must have gone into the design of this remarkable garment. Remember that it is was all that stood between those brave astronauts, and whatever dangers they might have had to face on the surface of the Moon.
Such as:

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