Sunday, 8 September 2013


Cygnus Alpha is the episode of Blakes 7 that has BRIAN BLESSED in it. Sadly that means that Avon isn't in it nearly as much as he could have been, and he doesn't have any scenes with Vargas - not even the scene where Vargas is on the Liberator - since clearly they decided that having Paul Darrow and BRIAN BLESSED on screen together would be too hammyawesome for us to take.
We would end up exploding... like Vargas does.

More not nearly enough pictures of Avon

This time from the scenes of Cygnus Alpha that he is in.

Nothing Freudian about this shot at all, moving on.

"Small world."
"Large project."

With jewellery and costumes like Jenna's to be found on the Liberator, Avon is tempted to become the most fabulous manny in the galaxy.

It is scenes like these in the early episodes that you can look back on and see why Blake says in Star One that he always trusted Avon "from the very beginning." Avon talks a lot about leaving Blake, but he never does.

And another episode ends with Blake and Avon gazing into each other's eyes...

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