Sunday, 12 January 2014

Leather vs Sleeves

It's season two, and Redemption.

Avon and Blake have had a row because Avon worked out what Orac's cliffhanger meant before Blake did.

Blake is now wearing a top with enormous sleeves to reassert his manliness, but Avon has countered with a black leather costume plus added studs.


Avon remains the most handsome manny in Blakes 7. Or in anything, really.

Avon and Blake make up when the Liberator gets taken over and Avon rescues Blake from being electriced by a cable.

"I wish Blake was standing here beside me instead of Jenna."

"Ah, that's better."

Paul Darrow's facial expressions are as subtle as a cat's.

But sadly there isn't time for Avon to just stand around being handsome, because the Liberator is about to reach...


It's a world. In space.

I'm not sure if that is different from where worlds usually are. I don't know about science things, I'm a cat.

Of course they escape from Spaceworld, and the episode ends as it should, with Blake and Avon gazing into each other's eyes...
Well, almost. That bit comes from the last scene, anyway.

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