Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Shadow (The Shadow) (The Shadow)

Shadow is the first episode of Blakes 7 not written by Terry Nation. But it is still good, because it is written by Chris Boucher. Shadow has two plots that are separate until they come together, and this is mirrored by Avon wearing two costumes!

I am not really by Avon's side in this episode, sadly, but this is the story where this picture originally comes from.

In amongst all the plot shenanigans with the Terra Nostra, who rule Space City (are we sure this wasn't written by El Tel?), there are great little moments like this one, where Avon tries to keep Blake's money bag but Blake wants it back.

"I know my silver costume is fabulous, Blake, but if we're about to go filming on location then I'm going to change."

Blake attempts to upstage Avon by showing off more of his manly chest, but Avon doesn't look too impressed by this.

Here Avon's got his gun out, and it seems as though Blake is having second thoughts about the wisdom of attempting to outdo Avon in the 'looking manly' stakes.

"Next, please."

Near the end of the episode we get another iconic shot of all the main characters (plus guest character Bek in the background) as well as this accompanying dialogue exchange, Avon being self-deprecating as usual:
"Where are all the good guys?"
"You could be looking at them."
"What a very depressing thought."

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