Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Weapon That Guards Itself

Weapon is Chris Boucher's second episode of Blakes 7, and the first that really spends more time with the baddys than with Blake and Avon and the rest of the Liberator crew.

It is also an episode in which Avon gets shot!

Despite these things it still manages to be a good episode because the story is great.

Weapon is the first episode to feature Brian Croucher as the new Travis. The first thing he does is shoot Blake!
But it is a fake Blake; the real Blake is still alive.

Weapon is also the episode in which Carnell appears. Although he is only in four scenes, Carnell is an important character because he appears in Kaldor City with Paul Darrow, which is how we know Kaston Iago is really Avon in disguise. Speaking of Avon...

It's Avon!

Blake and Avon are about to teleport down to the planet for some action scenes on film.

Unfortunately for Blake and Avon, Travis is also on film...

...and Travis shoots Avon (and Blake and Gan) with IMIPAK. Luckily for them, IMIPAK is a McGuffin weapon so it doesn't kill them right away.

Servalan is waiting for them back in the studio, and she gives them a chance to get away. Fortunately they do, so this isn't the end of Blake and Avon.

To show how much the story emphasises the baddys over our heroes, the episode ends not with a scene of Blake and Avon flirting having manly dialogue flirting, but with a scene of Carnell and Servalan flirting.

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