Sunday, 9 February 2014


Not long after playing Curtis in the gritty WW2 drama Secret Army, Christopher Neame somehow found himself playing the baddy Skagra in the Doctor Who story Shada. If you don't know Shada, that's probably because it is the one they never finished making so it was never shown on TV.

Fortunately they did make enough of it that we can see the costume Skagra wears in it; one of the most fabulous costumes of the era - and the era was the 1970s, and the same year as Blakes 7 season two, so that's saying something!

I wonder if Christopher Neame was paid to be in Shada, or if just getting to wear the costume was enough for him? It would have been for me. You can tell Ronnie Corbett is impressed.

You can't see his bag in that first picture; it's the bag that really sets the ensemble off...

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