Thursday, 24 April 2014

My words are backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

I haven't posted in a while because Scary Cat, Expensive Luxury Cat and I have been busy playing Civilization V in preparation for the BBC making a new version of their Civilisation TV series.

I like playing the Celts because I am a Scottish Cat. Here is my kingdom of Western Scotland:

Scary Cat likes playing the Scary Germans, and Expensive Luxury Cat likes playing the Expensive Luxury Netherlands. They are very colourful so I like them too.

I like renaming things to make them more cat-like. I made my religion be called "Ceiling Cat" lol. I also like making Great Works of Art (although I wish they weren't called "Works" because cats do not do the "W" word), because then you get to see the art that you have made.

I presume this is how the game ties in to the TV series, because I don't remember Lord Clark threatening anybody with his atomic bombs, or launching any spaceships to Alpha Centauri...

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