Sunday, 18 May 2014

It Ends With A Kiss

"Moons of madness, why am I encumbered with incompetents?"
"Supreme Commander, sir."
"Your report, Mister Fibuli."

"Yes, sir. I have it."
"It is thirty seconds late."
"Yes, sir."

"My qualities are many, Mister Fibuli."
"Oh, yes, sir. I..."
"But an infinite capacity for patience is not amongst them."

Hostage is a very poor episode of Blakes 7, though the first half is decent. It only goes wrong when Blake and Avon teleport down to the planet to meet Travis, knowing it is a trap, and then all have to act really stupid so they can get captured - unforgivable behaviour, especially in Avon's case.

And Travis's "Crimo" henchmannys have the wrong tone for Blakes 7, they just feel out of place and are impossible to take seriously being called "Crimos."

But the first part of the episode is decent, especially the scene with Servalan and...

...Kevin Stoney, as magnificent as ever and really he is wasted in this minor role where he only has one scene. (I know Kevin Stoney comes back in season 4's Animals, but it is as a different character and he is wasted in that one too.)

Meanwhile, Blake and Avon get captured by Travis...

"How are we going to escape?"
"From this situation?"
"From this terrible episode."

"Lets hope the script improves from here."
"Yes, I'm hoping for an amazing escape, an action sequence on film, then a hug and a kiff to finish with."
"That would be an improvement."

"Phew, what an amazing escape."

Actually they get rescued by the guest characters Ushton and Inga. (Ushton is Blake's uncle, and Ushton is played by Arnold Rimmer's Dad, John Abineri, so does that mean Blake is related to Rimmer?)

"This is an improvement. Have you been bribing the Script Editor again, Paul?"

Yes, this is definitely a big improvement. It's looking like this could end up being the best episode of Blakes 7 ever.

No, Blake, no! You're kiffing the wrong one! It's all gone wrong.

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