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My previous review of Aftermath is here, so this is just going to be some pictures with captions as a companion piece.

Dayna kiffs Avon and says
"You are very beautiful, Avon."

I think Dayna is intended to be a viewer identification character, even though she is not a cat.

"It has a perverse kind of logic to it. Our meeting is the most unlikely happening I could imagine. Therefore we meet. Surprise seems inappropriate somehow."

"You are ambitious. Ruthless. You want power and you'd never let conscience stand in the way of achieving it. Well?"
"You overestimate me."

Servalan tries to persuade Avon to become a baddy like her, but she has misjudged him. Avon is not a baddy - just earlier in the episode he stopped Dayna from killing a defeated Sarran, never mind all the other times he has acted like a goody and shown himself to have a conscience. But we can't expect Servalan to know that about Avon yet.
Avon plays along with her.

"I never really had an offer I felt was worthy of me."

"All those worlds could be yours, Avon, they're there for the taking. You and I could build an empire greater and more powerful than the Federation ever was or ever could have been. Now, Avon; at this moment. We can take history and shape it in our own image. Think of it: absolute power. There is nothing you can imagine that we couldn't do."
"I am thinking of it."
"We can do it Avon."
"I know we can."
"We'll be answerable to no one. Ours will be the only voice. Imagination our only limit."

Oh just kiff.

They kiff. Then Avon rejects Servalan with
"Imagination my only limit? I'd be dead in a week."

He knows Servalan a lot better than she knows him.

Avon has bed hair, purr. However this is at a sad moment because Avon was woken up when Servalan killed Hal Mellanby.

"Summary execution is the usual punishment for boarding a Federation ship without authority."

"What are you doing on my ship?"

Cliffhanger ending: it's Tarrant! Even Avon is surprised.

Oh just kiff.

No? Well never mind, the next episode is my favourite out of all Blakes 7: Powerplay.

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