Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendhip

My previous review of my favourite episode of Blakes 7, Powerplay, is here. This is just going to be some pictures with captions as a companion piece.

Powerplay picks up from where Aftermath left off, including a recap of the last few seconds.

"What are you doing on my ship?"

"Your ship?"

Tarrant is not alone, he is accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Klegg (TEH SATIRES!111) who is played by Michael Sheard, an actor who was in Doctor Who so many times as different characters that there is bound to soon be a story arc where the Doctor goes looking for the reason why so many mannys he met looked like Michael Sheard.
The answer is because they were all played by Michael Sheard.

"This is my ship."

Avon, who still doesn't know that Tarrant is really on his side at this point, thinks he is going to have to fight for control of the Liberator, and to ensure that he is still the most handsome character in the series. For the first time Avon has some serious competition in that department.


However Avon wastes no opportunity to demonstrate how handsome he is, even just peering out of a trapdoor. Purr purr.

By the end of the episode Avon and Tarrant have teamed up, which is the main reason that this is my most favourite of all Blakes 7 - because it is the story of how Avon and Tarrant got together. They quickly become best friends and work together to defeat Klegg and his coalition partners henchmannys.

Even when it looks like Avon has betrayed Tarrant to Klegg so he can save Dayna (who gets captured off-screen for the first - but by no means the last - time), this is just a clever ruse so that they can both get close enough to pounce on the baddys.

Dayna gets her own back for when she was captured off-screen by hugging Klegg to death.

Tarrant and Dayna join the Liberator's crew and are now main characters. Now the best season of Blakes 7 has really begun!

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