Sunday, 14 September 2014

Retcon of Auron

"So, Children of Auron. There's not that much for us to do in this one is there, Tarrant?"
"No I suppose not. This is an episode for Cally to be the main character, since we're going to her planet."

"You're wrong, Tarrant, this episode is going to focus on me."

"Captured again? Oh well, I suppose it was in a less stupid way than in Harvest of Kairos."
"I still can't get over the fact that this isn't a very Cally-centric episode, not even with Jan Chappell playing two parts."
"Since I can't appear with myself, both Cally and Zelda get less lines each and it ends up averaging out with me appearing about as much as usual."

"At least with this being a planet of telepaths then we can perhaps assume that telepathy will be used better than in Volcano."

"Or perhaps not."

"That's enough being captured, shall we do some escaping on film now?"
"Why not?"

"This is a bit more like it."
"I wonder how Servalan's getting on in her plot..."

Jacqueline Pearce gives an amazing performance in the final scenes, she is really on top form in this (and the next) episode.

"They were mine. I felt them die."

Even from a baddy that line is powerful, and the feeling is written in her face. Every so often there is an episode that shows us a bit more depth to Servalan, and this is probably the best one for this (season four's Sand the closest contender).

Children of Auron is a bit like Harvest of Kairos in that it throws together and mixes up multiple sci-fi ideas - here we have germ warfare, telepathy and cloning - and then forces a Blakes 7 story around them, but Children of Auron succeeds where Harvest of Kairos doesn't because the character development for Servalan makes the whole thing hang together.

The only real shame is that it is probably at the expense of any similar development for Cally - even though we visit her planet and see her sister, it doesn't reveal much about her and the events don't seem to have much of an effect on her. Although you could certainly read the events has having affected her when watching the following two episodes (particularly Sarcophagus which is, in its own way, a much better episode for Jan Chappell and Cally), it isn't as though you have to.

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