Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dorians 7, Chekhovs Gun

Rescue begins season 4 of Blakes 7 by establishing Dorian as a new main character. He has his own ship, Scorpio! with his own computer, Slave, and he has his own base, Xenon Base, and he even has a girlfriend, Soolin.

Meanwhile, back on Terminal, all Avon has is a gun, and it isn't even his own gun, it's a Federation gun.

He uses it to capture Dorian and Scorpio! although he refrains from saying "All your base are belong to us."

Avon puts the gun down when he takes one of Dorian's guns. Oh yes, Dorian has his own special set of guns too.

It is Vila who picks up the Federation gun and takes it with him to Xenon Base.

In this picture it looks as though Avon is falling for Dorian's charms, and who could blame him for that (purr), except that this is season 4 Avon so he remains suspicious of everybody. Only he is not suspicious enough because, when it turns out Dorian is a baddy, Avon discovers his new gun doesn't work, oh noes!

Fortunately Vila still has the one gun that does work...

... and he delivers it into Avon's hands in time for Avon to shoot Dorian's monster and save the day.
"This is my show!" Avon could have said, but didn't because it would have been too meta.

Dorian makes one final attempt to steal the scene, if not the show, by overacting as he dies, but it is not enough. You don't get to out-ham Paul Darrow in Blakes 7.

The new title sequence for season 4 still has no apostrophe in it, proving that Blakes 7 is called Blakes 7 and not "Blake's 7".

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