Sunday, 29 March 2015

Would You Like to Play a Game?

In this picture of Avon and Gerren, a guest star, Avon is indicating which one of them will survive to the end of the episode.

Games is probably the most average episode of season 4, being neither great like Headhunter, Sand or Orbit, nor awful like Power, Animals or Assassin.

The one thing that is great about Games is that it is easily Vila's best episode* of season 4 for showing his usually-hidden competence, in fact I'd say the best for that since City at the Edge of the World.

* As distinct from being the best episode with Vila in it.

First Vila wins over the computer Gambit in a way that none of the other main characters could have - not even Avon - and then he rescues Tarrant, Dayna and Gerren (although Gerren doesn't last much longer after that bit).

Vila doesn't stop there, because later he uses his more usual thieving skills to bypass the baddy Belkov's lock.

And then, at the end, he reveals he has stolen some of Belkov's crystals, which Avon and the others thought had been lost.

Sadly for Vila (and in a reversal of the otherwise similar ending to City at the Edge of the World) they turn out to be fakes, so Avon gets the last line of the episode.

"End game to Belkov."