Sunday, 4 October 2015

Battleground Hoth!

Starcat reviews Star Wars comics: The Empire Strikes Back (part two)

The story so far is given for us on the first page.

After C3PO and R2D2 have trapped the "ice creatures" in a room and put a warning notice on the door, the scene changes to Luke who has been playing the Phantom of the Opera in Hoth's West End.

Luke and Princess Leia are about to kiff when C3PO and R2D2 interrupt them. Princess Leia decides to recruit some of the "ice creatures" to the rebellion.

After Han and Chewbacca also come in to visit Luke in his dressing room, Princess Leia kiffs Luke and says
I guess neither of you understands everything about women...
Do you?!

I think this is supposed to be a comedic punchline to this scene, but I guess I don't understand everything about mannys...
Do I?!

The scene changes to space, where Darth Vader's spaceships have arrived. Admiral Ozzel is keen to get on with the main plot.

My suspicions from part one are confirmed as Darth Vader kills Admiral Ozzel and it is the manny who looks like Kenneth Colley that goes

The rebels start to escape from Hoth and it becomes a battleground of goodys vs baddys. The next few pages are summed up by the British Empire Strikes Back comic in a black & white recap called Walk on the Wild Side !:

Walk on the Wild Side ! is apparently chapter VI, continuing the grand old tradition of confusing Star Wars numberings.

The character of Dack is introduced, only to be killed off 5 pages later. The baddys are winning when Luke comes up with a clever plan to use "the Force" "harpoons and tow cables" to trip up the legs of the AT-ATs.

It's super effective.

As we reach the end of part two we need a cliffhanger, so Luke gets shot down and General Veers decides to step on him. It's not the best cliffhanger ending, but poor General Veers has to work with what material he has been given.

There is some confusion as to what the next part will be called. The black & white comic wants to call it Death of a Dream!

While the colour version of that same page opts for Imperial Pursuit!

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