Monday, 1 February 2016

Stoppit and Tidyup

in "The Weekend of Woe"

Tidyup woke up one fine Saturday morning. He had no idea what fate had in store for him, as several of his friends had decided to pay a visit.
"Muuuuuh!" he said

"Let's go and visit Tidyup today. You can drive," said Eat Your Greens to Comb Your Hair

"Alright then, but only if you phone The Big Bad I Said No! and have an argument with him," said Comb Your Hair to Eat Your Greens

"Right then, Eat Your Greens, we're coming down there too!" shouted The Big Bad I Said No!

"Let's see if Sleepy Old Go To Bed wants to come with us, seeing as we have no idea where Tidyup lives," said Stoppit, but it sounded like "Ee ee ee ee ee eeee."

"I have no idea where Tidyup lives either, but that's no reason not to go," said Sleepy Old Go To Bed, adding "Stoppit can use his mobile to get directions, if we get lost."

Which, of course, they did

But they got there in the end

Everyone got drunk and lived happily ever after

Except Stoppit who suffered greatly from bogvom, and later sinkvom

Sleepy Old Go To Bed and Eat Your Greens talked bollocks in the kitchen for hours, and Sleepy Old Go To Bed and Stoppit felt not-at-all-well the next day

The End

"Sorry about the sinkvom," said Stoppit

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