Friday, 23 December 2016

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: The Death of Time

Part two of The Chase begins with us seeing the Dalek rising out of the sand again. This works better as a reprise than it did as a cliffhanger ending, and allows the story to start again straight from this point. So Terry Nation knew what he was doing after all! Mew, I was worried for a moment there.

Ian and Barbara avoid the Daleks but meet alien mannys, the Aridians, instead. The Aridians look fishy to me, I bet they are very nomable.

Ian and Vicki are saved from the monster when the Aridians blow up the room they are in to kill the monster, without knowing Ian and Vicki were in there. Ian is also knocked out by the explosion.

The Daleks capture the Aridians and make them capture the Doctor and Barbara, so the Aridians are neither goodys or baddys, but only do what they have to to survive. They don't know that the Daleks will exterminate them anyway, because that's what Daleks do.

Vicki is captured as well, but then another monster breaks in through a wall and the Doctor, Barbara and Vicki escape in the confusion as the monster noms the Aridians like it is a big cat. Exactly what kind of big cat I don't know, maybe a tiger because tigers are great.

The Doctor, Barbara and Vicki find Ian and they all go to where the TARDIS is. It has been found by the Daleks, who cannot destroy it so they have left one Dalek to guard it while the rest go off to look for the mannys and exterminate Aridians.

Ian has a clever plan that confuses the Dalek and makes it fall down a hole, and they escape in the TARDIS before three more Daleks come. The episode ends with the Daleks vowing to continue the Chase next time.

This is a rather workmanlike episode, with nothing particularly great about it but also nothing awful either. However it has given me the idea that The Chase is a Dalek Reality TV programme, which the Doctor's space-time TV accidentally picked up a bit of in the previous episode. Each week the team of Dalek contestants have to try and Chase the Doctor through time and space, and then at the end of each programme one Dalek is voted off and exterminated. I think it is safe to assume that the losing Dalek this week is the one that Ian tricked into falling down the hole.

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