Sunday, 14 May 2017

Eurovision 2017

Despite mannys voting to leave the European Broadcasting Union last June, United Kingdom is still in the Eurovision Singing Competition this year. They even did quite well (by the standards of recent years), coming 15th out of 26.

This was good because I thought they might even have come last, but that position was reserved for Notorious Eurovision Cheats Spain. That is if we don't count Perennial Eurovision Baddys Russia, who were banninated from taking part/withdrew in a huff (delete as applicable depending upon propaganda) and did not even join in for the voting.

While the final winner of the Singing Competition was from Austria, it was not my favourite song. My best three were from, in reverse order:


Sweden is a country that knows how to do Eurovision well. While not as good as the song that won it for them two years ago (by Måns Zelmerlöw, who returned to Eurovision once again in a sketch, as seen in the above picture) I liked this entry, it was fun. The performers, Robin Bengtsson, started singing while still backstage - it reminded me of the opening scene from Warriors' Gate.


This manny, Jacques Houdek, was very fabulous, with a proper Eurovision style gimmick (few and far between in these days, alas) of singing a duet and being his own best friend.

And my favourite of all was...


Francesco Gabbani was accompanied by a monkey! If a monkey can take part in the Eurovision Singing Competition, then maybe cats can too! Although cats are obviously much better at singing than mannys are, so maybe it would not be fair on them if cats won every year.

Some mannys complain about countries that are not in Europe taking part in Eurovision, like Israel, Australia or United Kingdom, but this year there was a performance from the moon!

A very rude and naughty manny showed his bum, lololololol!